Cinzia Calarco

"When I create a collection, I dream about far away lands. Travelling within my mind to new places and imagining what life would be like, the colour of the land, the smell of the country, the emotion of the people. How do they walk and talk, what do they dream about and how do they like to dress.


I like to believe there is always a new story to tell."


Cinzia Calarco’s first Collection was of bags and was created in 1999, just after she graduated from the School of Art and Design in Italy.

In 2006 Cinzia Calarco opened her own boutique, Interno 22 in Turin, Italy. Interno 22 translates to ‘inside the number 22’ and is the origin of her label, N22. 

Over the years, Cinzia has evolved and added to her collection, while  also having the opportunity to showcase her collection at Paris and Copenhagen fashion weeks. 

In 2013, Cinzia took a break from her label to focus on raising her two beautiful children. 

After a move to Australia in 2016, Cinzia decided to return to her passion and continued creating and developing her label. 

N22 Fashion

N22's style evokes and reflects Cinzia Calarco's Italian heritage. It blends the lively and proud verve of the antique and classic Continent with a fresh and modern elegance. Each piece is made with colourful, unique and extremely limited fabrics, sourced from different countries around the world. 

The main idea behind N.22's collection is to keep the Italian culture and traditions, expressed and alive. It is done by designing and developing each piece with artisanal tailoring and attention to fine detail. This creates an international and modern elegance in a look that is versatile, yet different.

"Every woman is unique, therefore every piece designed in my collection is also a reflection of the inspiration I find in these difference".